DSC_3830_less yellow

I really like this time of year. The time when the colour of the leaves are changing from green to beautiful yellow, orange, red and purple ones, just before falling from the trees. I wish it could last longer! Last weekend we went to Elswout for a walk. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the forest was all those beautiful colours. We saw lots of mushrooms that day. The one in the photo was discovered by my daughter.


Self portrait (2)

DSC_3800_dreamy IR 83 minder exposure

I did like my first self portrait, but I knew I could do better. The last time I had figured out how to tackle the focussing part using the self timer: when you press the shutter button, the camera focuses. To make sure your face is in focus, you need an object to focus on, which you will have to remove quickly after pressing the shutter button and then get yourself at that exact same spot. It worked, but I thought there had to be another way to do this. On the internet I found some nice articles about this subject, but they all described the same method I had came up with (unless you have a remote shutter release).

For my latest attempt, I wanted to take photos outside with a blurry background. I set the aperture at f/2.5 for a nice depth of field and I made sure the background was at a far distance. I used our rake for focussing. This time I wanted to look into the camera, because in the previous self portrait I did not and I liked the challenge I was given, regarding my post. My goal was to look relaxed and happy. How did I do?








Last weekend we had a wonderful time in my parents holiday cottage, that they recently bought. The cottage is next to water, so we spent some time exploring the waterways on a boat and in a canoe. Saturday evening the sky turned from blue/grey to a orange/purple one. It was exciting to see the sky change all the time, with the clouds moving and the colours changing from pink to purple to orange and finally to red. A few minutes later, the sky was just grey and black again.

Self portrait


So, here it is, my self portrait. My site still needed a picture of myself, so I thought this was a good time to post one. Taking a selfie is something I normally don’t do, because if I want to be in the photo myself, I simply ask someone to take my picture. Taking a self portrait seems easy, but I found that it is not that easy at all, because I needed some particular skills for it: handling a tripod, using the self timer function and a way of posing naturally in front of the camera. The biggest challenge for me was the posing part.

For this portrait I got my tripod and stuck my camera on top. Since I haven not used my tripod that much, I actually did not know that is was possible to tilt the camera all the way to the side, to a vertical position which is nice for portraits. I guess I should start using my tripod more often! My camera refused to focus somehow, leaving me with only a few shots to choose from, but I am happy with the result.