Self portrait


So, here it is, my self portrait. My site still needed a picture of myself, so I thought this was a good time to post one. Taking a selfie is something I normally don’t do, because if I want to be in the photo myself, I simply ask someone to take my picture. Taking a self portrait seems easy, but I found that it is not that easy at all, because I needed some particular skills for it: handling a tripod, using the self timer function and a way of posing naturally in front of the camera. The biggest challenge for me was the posing part.

For this portrait I got my tripod and stuck my camera on top. Since I haven not used my tripod that much, I actually did not know that is was possible to tilt the camera all the way to the side, to a vertical position which is nice for portraits. I guess I should start using my tripod more often! My camera refused to focus somehow, leaving me with only a few shots to choose from, but I am happy with the result.


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