A windy afternoon at the beach


Saturday was a rather rainy and windy day. Perfect weather to go to the beach! When we arrived at Zandvoort beach we saw the sand being blown over the beach. The sea was rough and the waves were pretty big, but that did not stop our children from wading in the water with their boots. After a while we had to go back home, because the water had run into their boots and the pants of our son were wet up to his knees …. just like we expected!


Curiosity …




This is our cat in the garden, on her way to something that caught her attention. Anything that moves is interesting to her: falling leaves, a bird, a butterfly, a ball, my shoes, anything! Our cat is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, so I bet this will not be the last picture of her that I will post!


Wildlife (2)


Last tuesday I went to a little reserve called Koningsberg. I was curious about it, because someone told me it was very nice to go there with children. So I had to see for myself! I decided to do the 3.5 km walk, which I enjoyed very much because of the scenery and the wildlife.

I love woodpeckers, so when I heard a tapping sound I looked up and there it was, high up in the tree! I watched him for a while, while I was finishing my banana. By the time I could grab my camera it was gone! I continued my walk and after turning a corner I was surprised by the scene I came across. In a little field there was a group of deer, males and females, grazing grass and walking about. They did not seem afraid of me as I just got a few looks from them, but otherwise they were not bothered by my presence at all. I took some pictures of them and then I turned around to photograph a mushroom. Again, I heard a sound which triggered me, I turned around and saw two males bouncing their antlers against oneanother. I had never witnessed that before. It did not seem a real fight though, now that would have been cool!

After saying goodbye to the deer I proceeded my walk again. Next to the path there were three Konik (Polish breed) horses. I was very thrilled to see them, but then I got a little scared as well, because they were so close. The sign at the entry said people should stay at a distance of at least 25 meters from the horses. I watched them for a while, but they were not paying any attention to me, so I just walked on slowly.

I enjoyed my first vist to this reserve very much. Next time I will take my childeren. I am sure they will enjoy it too!