DSC_3830_less yellow

I really like this time of year. The time when the colour of the leaves are changing from green to beautiful yellow, orange, red and purple ones, just before falling from the trees. I wish it could last longer! Last weekend we went to Elswout for a walk. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the forest was all those beautiful colours. We saw lots of mushrooms that day. The one in the photo was discovered by my daughter.


Black and white


For my first blog I choose to post a photograph in black and white. When I took this picture my ideas for a blog just started to come to life, so I think this is perfect to start my blog. I took this photo last week when I took my camera and my bike and went for a little trip to do some black and white photography. I came through a park I had never been before. The weather was really nice and the grass and the leaves where green and the sky was blue with clouds. Many people were walking their dogs and I came across this scene which I really liked: A path aligned with trees and at the far end a woman walking her dog. The lady seemed to be enjoying her walk and the dog was just following along slowly. The owner of the dog was dressed in black, a nice match with her dog. I thought they were perfect for my picture, because they both would stand out in a black and white photograph.

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to tell you this is my first blog on my photography! The idea for a blog started some time ago, after reading about photography projects from other people. In those projects people post a photo a day for a whole year, resulting in some beautiful pictures. Nevertheless, my first thought on those projects was: wow, a photo a day, now that’s a challenge! My second thought was: But what if I did that on a weekly basis, just for myself, no blogging, no posting? So I started to try and take my camera every week and just shoot whatever interests me. That was a while ago and I could just leave it at that, why not?

Well, shooting every week can be a challenge at times. I learned that sometimes there was just no time and some weeks I simply forgot about it. Lack of motivation kept me at home as well. I realised I need more motivation, because in the end I would like to learn more about my camera and photography and there is always more to learn! With this blog I will commit myself to taking pictures every week and choosing one for this blog, hoping you will like it and appreciate it as much as I do. I am also hoping for comments (either possitive or tips for getting it better next time).